stop-motion animation at Art UK

Get animated

When I was little I used to love the films of Ray Harryhausen. We are talking aeons before CGI and it was so exciting to see cyclops battling the dragon or the brilliant fight scene with the skeleton in The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, all created in stop-motion animation.

Of course things are super-slick these days and it can be as hard to tell the CGI from reality as it is to spot fake news and political machinations, but simple animation has never lost its charm.

Fancy a go yourself? Check out this brilliant ‘how to’ from Art UK.

It’s simple to do with access to a smart phone and a few basic art and collage materials, or even using objects found around the house. It does require a bit of patience though and that realisation makes the achievements of the great animators of the 20th century all the more awesome.

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