Portrait Artist of the Week

The Sky Arts Artist of the Year series has been running for almost seven years now and is still a great watch.

It’s a simple premise: Gather a shortlist of amateur and pro artists, plonk them in front of a few celebrity sitters or national landmarks and see what magic they can drum up in four hours, adding plenty of tips and banter along the way.

You can catch up on both Portrait Artist of the Year and Landscape Artist of the Year on NowTV and both are far more compelling than I just made them sound.

And in these crazy days, you can also paint along at home too with new format, Portrait Artist of the Week. This runs live on Sundays 10am to 2pm on the Sky TV Facebook page and it’s available to catch up on throughout the week too. You can also share your results on instagram using the #myPAOTW tag.

I decided to join in on Sunday as Rob Rinder promised to be an engaging sitter (he was) and it served as a lovely diversion from the duller tasks I had planned to tackle (painting walls).

It’s a great format. You have a previous winner of the one of the series painting alongside you and engaging with the sitter plus there are interjections and tips from the 3 x series judges.

This is a brilliant exercise for all you budding artists out there and you can draw, paint… whatever medium you have to hand and takes your fancy.

So here’s my Judge Rinder…

…plus spooky French Bulldog print in the background.

It’s certainly not my best painting and I think I might have another go during the week, this time not painting off a rubbish print out of a screen grab and trying to watch telly at the same time.

Who’s going to join me?

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