Soap bottle challenge

If you’ve been washing your hands as recommended, you may have got through a fair few of these.

The pump action dispenser is a thing of wonder really, working with a vacuum principle to deliver one perfectly-portioned dollop at a time and it seems a shame to waste this. Dull as it may be, my first recommendation is to refill the little beauty with soap – it’s the green and economical option.

But I am also going to try shifting some of my acrylic paints from the tubs with the lids that constantly drop off to see if I can get pump action paint. Of course it might just gloop up so I’ll keep you posted on that one.

In the meantime, a couple of mini storage solutions using soap or shampoo bottles found at makeit-loveit:

Makeit-Loveit mini storage made from plastic bottles
Makeit-Loveit mini storage

Or how about a custom phone charging holder?

Makeit-Loveit phone charging holder

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