Flower pot challenge

Not only am I late with this week’s challenge but I’ve also gone off piste – let’s call it creative licence.

The challenge was to make art using plastic flower pots. I searched and what did I find? You can paint them jaunty colours, you can cover them with bits of string or even lace, you can turn them into slightly creepy Bill & Ben figures to trash up your garden… none of these seem wise choices to me.

The more interesting ideas that turned up were all about making planters out of plastic trash and there were some cuties using plastic bottles.

My favourite step by step project comes from Bru DIY. Awww, how cute is the Kitty Plant Pot?

And, if you are a dab hand with a craft knife and have some empty laundry detergent bottles, I enjoyed this little medley of ideas on YouTube.

If you are really itching to find something with a plastic flower pot, you can make a flowering chandelier over at DIYShowOff. com

And I couldn’t resist throwing this in here just for fun – the Super Sci-fi Rocket-fuelled Jet Pack from DoodleCraft.

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