Egg box challenge

If you’ve fried, poached and scrambled, baked cakes, made quiche or whipped up a meringue, you may have a few empty egg cartons going spare.

There’s plenty you can do with them but let’s start by dispelling a popular myth: Glueing egg boxes to the wall does not give recording booth style sound-proofing. Yes, I know… I wish it was true too. I am sure plenty of us are craving some volume control right now. There has been savage drilling of my road for weeks now including all day Sunday and, it has embedded itself in my brain so deeply, I can still hear it at night.

But no, egg boxes won’t help. But, there’s still plenty you can do with them.

Let’s start with dinosaur castle over on Krokotak. There are some inspired features in play here here including plenty of trash stash favourites such as loo roll tubes and cardboard boxes.

On a smaller scale, how about a zoo? Tracey Radford of Jumble Tree has some cute ideas including Peter Panda, hatched from egg box hollows.

Sticking with the animal theme, I love the way that Vanessa at Mintmaedchen uses the shapes to create little animal trophies. It’s a German language site but the step by step photos make it super easy to follow.

And I was reminded how much I love Sweet Paul magazine when I saw these crazy masks. You can download a whole issue of the magazine for free right now, packed with lots of creative ideas and yummy recipes.

It’s pretty amazing to see what designers can do with a humble egg box. If you’ve got plenty of time on your hands (and egg boxes), follow designrulz’ tips for making a romantic floral mirror frame.

Or stretch yourself further using the structural strength of the box design: Planting table anyone?

But often small is beautiful and achievable and I love this truck featured on the same architecture art designs site. It’s a VW ad and just a great idea done well.

And let’s end on a fun note. It’s becoming clear that Darth Vader is omnificent in craft. The force is strong.

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