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My trash stash challenge for week #3 is what do to with an empty gin bottle – other than weep obviously.

And, to be honest, I have been a little disappointed at the net’s lack of imagination on this one.

According to Gin Kin, you can go all ’70s bistro and stick a candle in the top. If slicing through glass is your idea of fun, go ahead and join the Craft Gin Club in making a terranium. Tiki lamps seem to be a popular choice with almost every project I looked at coming with the caveat that the oil is not as easy to refill as standard tiki lamp.

And the almost-just-as-fanciful notion to turn it into a soap dispenser seems too decadent for words in these soap-strapped times. In recent weeks, I’ve seen bottles of hand wash on eBay for twice the price of gin!

All my searches turned up lamps, fairy lights plus a couple of spooky ‘use your gin bottles as a frame for photos of your loved ones’ – surely a gurgling baby in a gin bottle is too Hogarth even in these dark days.

So I’m giving you a family-friendly doodle game. Take a photo of a standard household object and print it out – I have my empty gin bottle.

Then see what you can see in that image, adding doodles to bring it to life. My gin bottle could be a fish swimming in the ocean…

Or I might take it for a walk in the park (in my allocated one hour of outdoor exercise of course)…

Or perhaps launch it into space on a starry night…

Share your doodles over in the facebook group.

Homemade trophy for the best ones.

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