Rocket science

The links between art, science and engineering go way back. Each of these practices requires expansive thinking and a willingness to embrace failure in order to learn from it. And, on a more practical level, the frescoes, oil paintings and sculptures of the 14th century Renaissance didn’t get there without an understanding of how pigments, plaster and materials work.

James Dyson has been a household name since we first started pushing his vacuum cleaners around but his inventiveness pushes way beyond that. During the current crisis, the James Dyson Foundation has stepped up to plate to create vital new ventilators for hospitals.

And Dyson is encouraging the next generation of scientists, inventors, engineers designers and artists with a brilliant set of challenge cards.

Free to download, the pack includes 22 science challenges and 22 engineering quests from the Dyson team – fun makes that will really get you thinking. It’s aimed at 7 years+ but there is plenty the whole household will enjoy tackling together.

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