Yes we can

This week’s set challenge was to find something creative to do with a beer can. Cheers, guys!

Scooting around the net, quite a few projects call for craft knives and the cutting of metal which is perhaps not for the youngsters, but there is plenty to look at in terms of inspiration.

Wow, who knew that manipulating a drinks can could be a fully-fledged art form – just take a look at what Noah Deledda can do!

And the fabulous characters and animals of Japanese artist, Macaon.

Red Bull has its own art competition along with a gallery of inspiring entries.

And I enjoyed this cute little vid of how to turn a coke can into a robot. Oddly, I think I have all of those elements at home so might give this a go later – but of course mine would be a beer monster.

But you don’t have to go to such creative lengths to find something lovely to make for your home in this current crisis. Join Stephanie C from Expert Home Tips, for a step by step tutorial on creating a mini indoor garden that taps into the succulent trend.

I’m going to make one of these later using cans from my trash stash and will share in the FB group.

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