Kitchen table sculpture

The Corona Crisis has certainly brought out the best in community spirit. From volunteering and checking on neighbours, to creating virtual parties, quizzes and some pretty creative games and challenges.

Artists are doing their bit by offering up lots of content for free to help us all stave off boredom and keep the kids occupied but it’s also there to rediscover the joy we found in art when we were little.

Art can be calming, it can be fun and energising – it can take you to that place where you become completely absorbed and focused, what’s known as the flow (that’s what inspired the colouring in trend a few years back).

On Instagram, Isolation Art School, is a brilliant platform where artists are sharing art and craft projects for all ages (code yellow for kids, red for the grown ups).

Check out Henry Ward’s kitchen table sculpture. Easy to make with what you have to hand and some great tips on how to photograph it.

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