The daily drawing challenge

Art loves a challenge.

There are #100head portrait challenges, #bigdraw challenges… that’s because artists need to create their own motivation to make work, and once you’ve announced an intention, you kind of have to stick with it to save face.

But there are other reasons too. Inviting everyone to join the challenge is a brilliant way to build community and to get inspired by other people’s ideas and approaches.

So here I’m highlighting Daily Drawing Diary.

It was set up by Rob Pepper, principal of The Art Academy in London, who is currently self-isolating with his family, including children aged five and eight.

I’ll include an extra link on our facebook page to make it easy to dive straight on in and ‘like’ and join in.


  1. Great idea, Helen
    Thanks so much. I’ve done 7-8 drawings over the last two days on beautiful paper and have now hosed them down they were so dreadful! Will try again today.



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