So let's get started…

Okay, so the plan is to feature a nice mash up of projects to make – projects that will get you thinking and get you looking.

Some of the looking bit will involve screen time – things like the virtual museum visits – but this is also about getting away from the screen and doing stuff in the real world too.

To do that, you’ll need some basic kit. And by that I mean….

• pencil

• pen

• scissors

• sticky tape or glue

Some of you might have some paints and felt-tips too, some will have access to a home printer. That’s great but I’ll also try to make sure there are plenty of projects that need just the basics.

We’ll also do some design projects that create temporary artworks – mandalas, installations – and, if you want an arty word – assemblages. These projects will use stuff you can find around the house. Simply take a photo of your masterpiece when you’re done, then all that stuff can go back where you found it.

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